Rongta Scale RLS-1100


  • Most popular ML series, printing scales offer an outstanding range of features to all over the world.
  • It is easy to operate by using direct PLU keys and short key when registering or using functions.
  • The ML series has bright and distinct 7 segments VFD display clearly indicates the computed data to the customers.
  • With E2MTXLBS to select required format among 12 pre-stored label formats and size and setup preferred label formats to use any label by using the user label designing program.

Rs. 50,000

Easy Operation
Rongta Scale RLS-1100 Registering PLUs and direct PLU keys, scaling, and printing out labels can be easily done by simply referring to the indications on the display.

Bright and Distinct Display
Rongta Scale RLS-1100 Bright and distinct 7 segment VFD display clearly indicates the computed data to the customers.

Spacious Memory
Standard :  Save up to 9,000 items, 600 different ingredients and 210 advertising messages.

Fast and Accurate Performance
Advanced A/D converter and software with either 1/6000 single or 1/7500 dual range resolution offer fast and accurate Rongta Scale RLS-1100

Self Diagnosis
The Rongta Scale RLS-1100 identifies and indicates any error instantly for convenient handling and maintenance.

Simple Update
Easily update Scale program through RS232 Connection.